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Lingué Djembe - Red - Mali - D 33 cm - H 63.5 cm (Product ID: MS-LI-198-08)

Lingué Djembe - Red - Mali - D 33 cm - H 63.5 cm (Product ID: MS-LI-198-08)

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Large authentic African djembe drum featuring red ropes – made by African Masters – with traditional soulein design for superior form and sound quality

A giant of the Master Series djembe collection, “Djosse” (pronounced joss-eh) has an impressive sound, bright presence and a fluffy-rimmed wide diameter head with plenty of room for big hands to move.  Made from smooth-grained Lingué wood, two-toned in colour and natural features including “bassanne” swirls, this djembe is carved in a traditional “soulein” form with classic kolon-kalan style carving and a shiny coat for protection.  There’s so much to enjoy about drumming with Djosse it’s an investment you’ll be glad you made.


Product Specifications

  • Name: "Djosse"
  • Diameter: 33 cm
  • Height: 63.5 cm
  • Wood:  Lingué
  • Skin:  Calf skin *
  • Rope:  Rasta Red
  • Crafted by:  Mady Keita, Yacouba Koné
  • Origin:  Mali, West Africa
  • Sustainability:  Free tree planted with drum purchase
  • Guarantee:  30 Days
  • RRP:  $650 ^
  • Product ID: MS-LI-198-08
African djembe drum 100% satisfaction guarantee

    * If you prefer your djembe skin completely free of goat hair - please advise at the time of ordering and hair will be shaved at no extra cost.

    ^ Price includes FREE drum tuning by Master Craftsman Mady Keita for the life of your new djembe.

    Key features of djembe drum include: 100% African crafted, super sound, free shipping Australia-wide, fast delivery, free tuning and no fuss returns.



    Did You Know?

    Super Mande Percussion is a partner of the “One Tree Planted” global reforestation initiative, so when you buy a djembe drum or any of our online products, we would love to fund the planting of a tree at no extra cost to you. 

    Simply accept our free tree offer when prompted at the online checkout, and feel even happier about your new drum knowing that you've helped to make a positive impact.

    One tree planted for free when you buy a djembe drum or other product


    Need Help to Decide?

    If you're not sure which djembe to buy, have a look through our handy guide on how to choose a djembe drum, which outlines everything you need to know about the different drum sizes, wood types, budget considerations and more.

    Or you can get in touch today or pop into the shop and have a chat with drum maker Mady for professional advice and all-round djembe wisdom.


    Feedback from Our Customers

    What are other people saying about our Master Series djembe drums?

    • Mady is the real deal, authentic drum maker. I love my drum and it has helped me to progress with my journey   - Carl M. (Google Review)
    • Great quality, my partner is super happy with his new Djembe! Wonderful service and fast delivery! Thanks for the complimentary bag too :)   - Claire M. (Verified buyer)
    • This drum is beautifully made. I absolutely love the bright colours, the sound the drum makes - everything! The kids love it, the hubby loves it, and I love it. What a wonderful instrument … Highly recommend this drum and others like it by Super Mande Percussion.   - Steph (Verified Reviewer)
    • I love my Super Mande Percussion [djembe drum]. The sound is exactly what I had been looking for. Thanks Mady Keita for making it for me! 😊   - Kat P. (Facebook Recommendation)
    • Beautiful sounding drum, thank you!   - Duncan B. (Verified buyer)
    • Boom Slap Tap!!! Love it.  I was so excited to receive my drum, even more so when I began to play. The deep sound is music to my ears and healing to my heart. Extremely well made.  I've already enjoyed many hours of solo play & now ready to regroup with others to enhance the performance.  Thank you for your great communication & swift postage.  - Bernadette F. (Verified buyer)
    • Awesome drum.  This drum sounds beautiful. It is a joy to play, and well made too. I love it.  - Matthew T. (Verified buyer)
    • Very pleased with my purchase and satisfied with the purchase process.  - Pierre D. (Verified buyer)


    Drum Love Guarantee

    We're sure you'll love your new djembe drum, but if things don't work out, no need to worry, you can simply return your drum within 30 days for a full refund. 

    No stress.  No questions asked.  Nothing but peace and love.

    djembe drum love guarantee



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