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School Workshops

School workshops run by Super Mande Percussion – African Drumming Academy & Performance cater for students of all ages and abilities, allowing individual expression to develop with new ideas and ways to communicate.

School workshops in African drumming can be stand alone or a series of workshops enabling participants to progress their skills over time.

Whole school African drumming incursion

Single Workshop

Several types of workshop are offered covering various aspects of West African music, culture, drumming and dance.  The format of drumming workshops generally covers:

  • Welcome and demonstration.
  • Brief background and history of West African music, culture, drumming and dance.
  • Familiarisation with the instruments and warm up exercises.
  • Interactive session where students learn the basics of African drumming and how to find their rhythm.
  • Opportunity for students to improvise and create their own drumming solos.

The duration of the drumming workshops is typically around 45 minutes to 1 hour and can also be tailored to fit in with your program, taking into consideration:

  • Student level, from kindergarten through to primary and secondary school levels.
  • Number of participants, which can range from small groups up to 500 students or more.

Super Mande Percussion – African Drumming Academy & Performance also offers workshops in African singing, African dance, as well as a variety of other instruments from West Africa including the balafon (African xylophone), kora (African harp) and bolon (African double-bass).

African drumming workshops for schools   School kids drumming workshop

School workshop series

Super Mande Percussion – African Drumming Academy & Performance offers a range of options in our school workshop series.  A popular option is the four-week drumming series which involves drumming workshops in Weeks 1 to 3 culminating with a performance in Week 4. 

The workshop series gives students an opportunity to learn the basics of African drumming, building on this week by week until they have mastered all the parts of a traditional rhythm. 

By the end of the series they will be ready to perform these new skills to their teachers and classmates.

Workshop series are also offered in African dance, and combined African drumming and dance. 

Short courses and full term drumming courses also available.  Enquire about these and other options via our Contact Us page.

Here is an example of feedback received following one of Super Mande Percussion's recent whole-school incursions:

" I can definitely recommend this incursion for 3 main reasons:
1. The instruction was from authentic African drummers.
2. It was so intuitive for the kids. The kids just felt the beat and got into it!
3. Every child was able to have a go on their own Djembe. The session was so well-resourced and there was a drum for everyone! No one missed out. "

 African drumming workshops for schools