The Drum Craftsman

West African djembe drum repair and reskin


When the Djembe shell is carved it is finished with varnish to protect the wood then skinned at the broader end with either a goat, cow or antelope skin.

The Djembe is strung using rope to adjust the skin tension and tune the drum to achieve the best sound.


Educated in Mali, Mady Keita has been making Djembe and Dounoun drums for over 30 years and is renowned as one of Australia's finest Djembe and Dounoun craftsmen. 

Each Djembe is carved from a portioned log of African hardwood traditionally used to make Djembe, then carved into a 'goblet' shape.


West African djembe drum repair and welding
West African drum carving

Dounoun drums are carved into straight cylinders, and both ends are covered with cow skin. Both Djembe and Dounoun drums are made in small, medium and large sizes.

All of Mady’s drums are assembled with materials of the highest quality. His experience is reflected in beautifully finished and even more importantly, wonderfully sounding traditional West African drums.