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Djembe drumming classes for kids


Mady Keita's African Drumming Academy for Kids

All kids have rhythm, and we can help them to find it through the Super Mande Percussion - African Drumming Academy for Kids!

Our kids drumming classes offer a great introduction to music learning in a fun and friendly group setting.  The classes are ideally suited to primary school aged students. 

Throughout each term, students learn the basics of African djembe drumming, building on this week by week until they have mastered all the parts of a traditional rhythm. 

As well as djembe drumming, the classes cover a range of other hand-made traditional instruments in the West African percussion ensemble, including doun douns (base drums) and various types of bells and shakers. 

Drum hire is free so there's no upfront investment needed, and parents are welcome to join in at no additional cost.

All classes are run by Master Drummer Mady Keita. 

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Benefits of African Drumming For Kids

The African djembe drum is one of the easiest instruments for kids to learn and an ideal foundation for future musical development.  Some of the many benefits of djembe drumming for kids include:

  • It's intuitive and accessible to all kids.
  • Enhances kids capacity to listen and concentrate.
  • Great way to de-stress.
  • Refines the use of motor skills / coordination.
  • Brings kids together physically, emotionally, and mentally.
  • Provides an authentic cultural experience.
  • Benefits physical health.
  • Stimulates creativity and builds confidence.
  • Boosts morale and emotional wellbeing.
  • Creates new friendships and social activity.
  • Provides opportunity for family connection. 


Djembe drumming lessons for kids

A Bit About Mady Keita

Mady has been honing his techniques in African drumming for over 30 years.  He has mastered the techniques incorporated into djembe drum and dounoun drum playing through growing up with the many traditional ceremonies of Mali.

Mady has secured his position as a patient and dedicated teacher with a wealth of knowledge of authentic Mande rhythms.  Mady loves to teach and share with people the knowledge and culture surrounding his style of drumming, and he is always able to provide the insight needed to adapt a skill in drumming.

For Mady, every student is a potential Super Mande Percussionist.

His African drumming classes offer a rewarding and invigorating experience that is, like everything at Super Mande Percussion  African Drumming Academy & Performance, very reasonably priced.


Next Available Classes

We are currently offering kids classes at:

  • Super Mande Percussion
  • Shop 10, 655 Mountain Highway
  • Bayswater

Check out the Group Timetable for details of session times and pricing for kids group drumming lessons.  

Discounted rates apply for Early Bird bookings. 

Lower rates for siblings / families are available upon request.

Free Trial classes are also available for a limited number of spaces.

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What Others Are Saying

  • "This amazing human is a true professor of African music and culture. Great teacher teaching the traditional folklore music".
  • "Definitely worth to try . We had lots of fun there. Mady is a great teacher. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED... kids loved it. Parking was easy."
  • "They were very comfortable and relaxed sessions. Children had a lot of fun with the great range of drums and percussion available to use. Thank you Mady"
  • "Mady Keita is a fantastic teacher and makes awesome drums if you need to purchase one... 5 star academy!!!!"
  • "Some of the feedback from the kids included comments such as: 'It made my whole body come alive', 'It was so fun!', 'I loved the culture and I had so much time on the djembe'! "

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