African Drumming Workshops, Dance Workshops and School Music Incursions

Super Mande Percussion – African Drumming Academy & Performance provides African drumming workshops and dance workshops for corporate and team building events, utilising the benefits of motivational exercises, conference energisers and ice breakers.

We also provide African drumming and dance school music incursions and workshops to bring education, expression and entertainment to students and staff alike. We tailor our programs to suit various curriculum subjects and cater our visit to the age, ability and audience we are visiting. From academic subject-based incursions to music workshops centred around cultural practice and diversity, you’d be surprised just how informative – and fun – drumming can be!

African drumming workshop with Mady Keita

Super Mande Percussion – African Drumming Academy & Performance supplies everything you need, with plenty of drums to go around for group and corporate events.  Mady Keita enjoys sharing his culture and motivates the whole group into a mass participation of peoples from all walks of life.

The workshops can be stand alone or a series of workshops enabling participants to progress their African drumming skills over time.


We provide African Drumming and Dance Workshops for everyone!

School Music Incursions

Our Master Drummer, Mady Keita, brings his passion for teaching and over 30 years of experience to the classroom. Catering to all ages and abilities, from small groups to entire schools, we can adhere to your curriculum and inspire celebration in education.

There are many different workshops available to give students an authentic experience of West African music, culture, drumming and dance.

School music incursions

Corporate Workshops

There are many benefits to getting the entire team involved in a Super Mande Percussion — African Drumming Academy & Performance workshop. Corporate African drumming or dance workshops are a fun way of getting everyone out of their comfort zone and working together.

Corporate workshops

Team Building Workshops

Our team building workshops use cultural dance and drumming to bring people together. We focus on collaboration rather than competition, bringing motivation, confidence and harmony to any team.

Team building workshops

School Holiday Programs

A range of school holiday programs are available through Super Mande Percussion – African Drumming Academy & Performance including African drumming, African dance, drum making and any combination of the above.  We create an environment that is comfortable and fun for any child or teen.

School holiday programs

Drum Making Workshops

Beyond the cultural experience of West Africa and the Mali way of life, Super Mande PercussionAfrican Drumming Academy & Performance  also offers drum making workshops. Making and skinning your own djembe drum is a special experience for people of all ages.

Choose and create everything from the shell, skin and ropes, learning all the steps required in making your very own djembe drum.

African drum making workshops

African Music, Drumming and Dance Performance

Why not start the workshop with a performance of traditional African music, drumming and dance by Mady Keita’s ensemble Super Mande Percussion?  A great way to get everyone inspired and into the groove.

Or you may wish to have the performance at the end of the workshop, where everyone can participate in the drumming and dance. 

African drumming performance


Book your African Drumming Workshops, African Dance Workshops or School Music Incursion Today

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