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About our Workshops

About our Workshops

Super Mande Percussion – African Drumming Academy & Performance provides workshops for school, corporate and team building events, utilising the benefits of motivational exercises, conference energisers and ice breakers.  

Through the ancient art of communal drumming, unity of energy and a focus of purpose are exercised which improves productivity, teamwork, contribution and communication.  With the unity of individual drum sounds, a fresh holistic approach to life can be found and utilised through the rhythm of African drumming.  We invite you to come along and explore this ancient artform.

African drumming workshop with Mady Keita

Super Mande Percussion – African Drumming Academy & Performance supplies everything you need, with plenty of drums to go around for group and corporate events.  Mady Keita enjoys sharing his culture and motivates the whole group into a mass participation of peoples from all walks of life.

The workshops can be stand alone or a series of workshops enabling participants to progress their African drumming skills over time.

Optional Extra - African Music, Drumming and Dance Performance

Why not start the workshop with a performance of traditional African music, drumming and dance by Mady Keita’s ensemble Super Mande Percussion?  A great way to get everyone inspired and into the groove.

Or you may wish to have the performance at the end of the workshop, where everyone can participate in the drumming and dance.  

Enquire about these and other options via our Contact Us page.  Alternatively, let us know your specific needs and we will see if we can create a customised workshop that is perfectly tailored for you and your colleagues.