Below is a collection of testimonials relating to Super Mande Percussion – African Drumming Academy & Performance

African drumming and music performances 

  • Your performance at the Maroondah Council Festival was absolutely fantastic! It was the highlight of the day! We also loved the way you engaged with kids (not only parents) and got everyone up on their feet dancing. Thanks and congratulations again for a brilliant performance!(Corina Crisan)
  • Mady demonstrates his vast knowledge of the dance, song and feel evoked with each rhythm…  with the grace of a master in his element, Mady exercises his inherited knowledge to play tricks on the senses of the listener.(Music Review)
  • …you were brilliant and talented and generous with your commitment to our event …(Mount Beauty Music Festival Team)
African Drumming and Music Performances - Mady Keita in African drumming and cultural costume
  • I would personally recommend Mady and Aliou as I found them helpful, patient and absolutely wonderful performers.   Their drumming ability was first rate and I heard many complimentary remarks about their performances.  (Regional Victorian Festival Coordinator)
  • African drumming troupe Super Mande Percussion had ‘em stomping in the aisles.  (Community Festival Coordinator)
  • Mady and his Super Mande Percussion crew performed a fun and charismatic performance at my Mayoral Fun Day. Their energy and talent added a great vibe to our event.”  (Greater Dandenong Mayor, Jim Memeti)
  • I was lucky enough to catch the end of your performance – so much fun – very upbeat.”  (Community Festival Coordinator)
  • Thank you to the team of Super Mande Percussion. I would like to extend my warmest appreciation to you and to your group for your participation in our festival. Your performance added interest to our event and contributed to the success of the day.”  (Multicultural Festival Organiser)
  • Thank you for such a wonderful session and I look forward to working with you again soon.”  (Settlement Youth Worker / Workshop Organiser)
African drumming classes and workshops - with djembe drum Master Mady Keita

 African drumming classes and workshops

  • Super Mande Percussion came to our school to present a fabulous whole-school incursion which all the students and teachers really enjoyed. Some of the feedback from the kids included comments such as: 'It made my whole body come alive', 'It was so fun!', 'I loved the culture and I had so much time on the djembe'! Thank you, Super Mande Percussion, for a fabulous day we will never forget.(Performing Arts Teacher)
  • If you are serious about learning the traditional roots of Bambara djembe then Mady Keita is your teacher.  Strap yourself in for a wonderful ride exploring the poetry of a true master that we are so lucky to have in Melbourne.  It's a journey with exponential rewards the longer you stay and listen to his phrasing - well worth the patience.”  (African drumming teacher)
  • Mady is and will be my teacher here in Melbourne.  A real traditionalist, trying to preserve the Bamana cultural heritage.  An amazing person with such a good heart and an amazing sense of humour… Whoever knows him has only good things to say about him.”  (African drumming teacher)
  • I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to study with Mady in Bamako in 2003/2004.  He is an incredible teacher and I really appreciated his strict devotion to an older style of Malinke and Bamana djembe playing.”  (African drumming teacher)
  • Just wanted to pass on how amazing the experience was and how much the children enjoyed it. The children seemed to especially enjoy the stories Mady told through music, because we caught a few children reenacting them later in the day. I was fascinated about how the children met or followed his rhythm, even our youngest children who can barely stand were grooving along. We are all looking forward to the next session!!”  (Cassie Walsh, Pre-School Education Leader)
  • Thank you for the lessons.  I am practicing and learning the stuff you taught me.  You are the best djembe teacher and player that I know of.”  (Musician)
  • …you are a living legend and truly the best djembe player in the whole world.  I am truly fortunate and blessed to have spent time learning with you.” (Musician)
  • "Always loving the African drumming classes Mady. The rhythmic invention never fails in its wonderful ideas or the beauty of its execution. A privilege to be there.” (Student)
  • You have been my Teacher for so long I honour you and your wisdom.(Student)

African drum making and drum repairs

  • Mady you are the best drum maker!(Customer)
  • Hi Mady! I want you to know that I have played and listened to many different djembes and have come to the conclusion that the djembes which are tuned by you are the best in the world.  They sound so sweet and so right to the soul.  I really have to get one for myself.  Nothing else will make me happy.” (Musician)
  • I am very happy with the drum.  I was right about the way you tune the drum.  You are the best.  That is the right tuning for the djembe.” (Musician)
African drum making and drum repairs - Mady Keita in workshop