African Drum Repairs Melbourne

African Drum Repairs and Re-skins in Melbourne

Mady Keita has been making Djembe and Dounoun drums for over 30 years and is renowned as one of Australia's finest Djembe and Dounoun craftsmen.

When it comes to repairs and re-skins, you get quality work and materials that reflect Mady's experience as a drum craftsman and love of Mali tradition.

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Drum Repair Services

Our African drum repair services include:

  • Re-skinning djembe drums and dounoun drums.
  • Tightening and tuning of djembe drums and dounoun drums.
  • Custom made metal rings, including ring resizing and repair.
  • Repair of cracked or damaged drum shells.
  • Re-varnishing and polishing to protect the wood.
  • Repair or modification of drum shell internal and external carvings.

Super Mande Percussion – African Drumming Academy & Performance has a large collection of skins to choose from, plus a large assortment of pre-stretched ropes.  We can pick the best skin for your drum, or do minor repairs on an old skin, replace worn out ropes with new ones in your preference of colour and thickness.  We will also repair any damage done to the body.  All at a reasonable price.

As Mady explains " ...the reason our customers keep coming back to us is because we make and repair every drum with spirit, and peace and love".  He has an eye for quality, natural beauty and the timbre or note of each individual drum, so you could say he creates the drum out of love.

African drum repairs Melbourne


African drum repairs Melbourne

African drum repairs Melbourne

The Drum Craftsman

The name Mady Keita is not only synonymous with performing and teaching African drumming, but, in fact Mady is one of Australia's finest craftsmen when it comes to creating and repairing djembe and dounoun drums.

Because he carves his own drums, welds the rings with precision and skins his drums with carefully selected skins, when it comes to repairs, you get quality work that reflects the love of the Mali tradition of the craft.

In Australia, Mady has continued the Mande traditions with his ability as a djembe and dounoun drum maker, hence he can custom make you a drum or bring your existing drum back to life!

Find out more about The Craftsman.

Djembe Repair Testimonials

"Thankyou Mady for repairing my Djembe. the quality of your work and also the prompt repair to my Djembe was elite. I highly recommend your business to anyone who requires your experience. Kind regards Pete"  -  Pete S. (Website & Google Review)


"Thanks for the wonderful job you did on my drum Mady. I love it ❤️"  -  Carol T. (Facebook Review)


"Thanks Mady for reskinning my drums last week - they are absolutely amazing... exactly what I was after... and thanks for bringing your music and talent to Australia... we're super lucky to have the chance to learn and play with you. Looking forward to jamming soon!"  -  Adam F. (Google Review)


"What a delightful experience it was to deal with Mady. Extremely polite and demonstrated and extensive knowledge in his field. Thank you for the great service!"  -  Steamatic Australia (Google Review) 


"I would highly recommend Mady, should you need to ‘re-skin’ a drum. He does more than just re-skin. In the process, he checks for any defects in the drum and repairs them (e.g. fills up cracks) and replaces parts, if required, (e.g. strings, rings etc.). Very impressed by the pride and care he took to restore the drums. Do yourself a favor, check him out!"  -  Henry C. (Google Review)


 "I have been fortunate enough to have had Mady repair and re skin my vintage djembe. He has done a fantastic job; it looks great and sounds great too – much better than I thought it would be. His work is so professional. Communication via Sophie has been exceptional. Thank you both." - Graeme U. (Google Review)


See the Master in African Drum Repairs

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