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Weddings & Receptions

Weddings are a very important tradition of Mali culture.  

The djembe drum is a primary instrument of celebration, it is symbolic of the union of man and woman, it is by virtue an exchange of vows, accepting the good and bad of each other, symbolising the union and the new start in your life with the responsibilities that are a part of marriage.  As a celebration, it is also a time where the people are obliged to be happy for the celebration to be a success.  When everybody is happy, it is truly a day to remember.  
Wedding and reception music
 Super Mande Percussion is available to perform for weddings, receptions, baptisms, parties and other social events.

Our full ensemble includes vocals, djembe drums, dounoun drums, balafon, kora, bolon, guitar, kolo kolo, shekere and dance.

 Wedding and reception music
Various performance options are available depending on the style of music you are looking for, ranging from the ambient rhythms and harmonies of traditional African jazz music, Ensemble Instrumentals or "Mbaodi", through to energy-packed and contemporary African drumming, singing and dance. 
 Wedding and reception music