Community Events & Festivals

West African drumming and music performance

African drumming and music performances

Super Mande Percussion loves to entertain the crowds and knows how to create the perfect atmosphere for a range of community events and festivals including:

  • Music festivals
  • Community festivals
  • Multi-cultural events
  • School community events
  • Inaugurations
  • Harmony Day celebrations
  • Conferences
  • Opening and closing ceremonies
  • Sporting events
  • Open days and school fairs
  • Markets and shopping centre events
  • Community gatherings
  • Fundraising events
West African drumming and dance performance

West African drumming and music performance
West African drumming and music performance

West African dance workshop at a community festival event

Our full ensemble includes vocals, djembe drums, dounoun drums, balafon, kora, bolon, guitar, kolo kolo, shekere and dance.

Various performance options are available to suit the event and style of music you are looking for, ranging from the ambient rhythms and harmonies of traditional African jazz music, Ensemble Instrumentale or "Mbaodi", through to the more energy-packed and contemporary African drumming, singing and dance.  The size of ensemble, duration and number of sets is tailored to each event.

Audiences often like to get involved so Super Mande Percussion also offers a range of interactive workshops in African drumming and dance.  The workshops can be integrated with the performances or scheduled separately.  See our Workshops page for more information.

West African drumming roving performance