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Here you can view our extensive online range of large sized Master Series African djembe drums for sale, all hand-crafted by Mady Keita and with original carvings by Yacouba Kone, from Super Mande Percussion. 

The best in African percussion instruments available in Australia, these djembe drums are a true representation of the Mande culture and spirit, honouring the traditional wood types, designs, carvings and sounds.

Need some extra help finding the perfect drum for you?  Not a problem.  Answer a few simple questions using the Quiz below to help you narrow down the options and choose a favourite.    


For more in-depth guidance you might also like this handy guide on how to choose a djembe drum, which outlines the different drum sizes, wood types, budget considerations and more.

Or you can get in touch today or pop into the shop and have a chat with drum maker Mady for professional advice and all-round djembe wisdom.

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