Terms & Conditions - Open Age Group Classes

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all open age group class arrangements made between Super Mande Percussion (“SMP”) and its students (“the student”).

We are continuously working to improve our systems and to make our classes run smoothly and be as enjoyable as possible for everyone.  Part of this process has involved developing these Terms & Conditions.  We actually don’t really enjoy this part much, but in order to provide you with the best possible service, we need to have these systems in place.

We have put a lot of effort into trying to think through all the scenario’s that could happen, and make a decision about what is most fair in every circumstance for both the student and service provider.

As Super Mande Percussion is a social enterprise that functions with minimal margins, such lines in the sand have had to be drawn, to protect the livelihood of our respected teaching staff and family back in Africa.  However, they should not be seen as a reflection of how awesome the majority of our students are.

We really appreciate you following these and respecting them. 


  1. Term Dates

1a.  Teaching weeks at SMP roughly follow the Victorian public school terms.  However, there are occasional differences and our term dates are sent out before every term begins.


1b.  It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of the first and last dates of term at SMP.


1c.  Additional classes may also be run on a casual basis in between terms, ie. during school holidays. 


  1. Communications

2a.  All correspondence about term classes is sent out to the student by email.  If this causes a problem, please let SMP know.


2b.  For any additional casual classes during school holidays, notification is provided to students in advance of each class by email or our Facebook Group Page “Mady Keita’s African Drumming Academy”.  If this causes a problem, please let SMP know.


  1. Scheduling of Classes

3a.  The student will be informed of the day, time and the date of their first class before their teaching commences, either by phone, text message, in person or by email.  SMP will aim to confirm all the class details by email, but does not guarantee that this will be the case if it deems sufficient confirmation has been provided by other means.

3b.  If the agreed class location, time or day needs to be changed, the student will be contacted as far in advance as possible and arrangements will be made for an alternative class time and day that suits the student and SMP.


  1. Class Fees & Accounting

4a.  Students will be invoiced for each future term in full towards the end of the preceding term.


4b. Full payment must be received before the new term starts, unless an instalment plan has been put into place via a credit card authorisation or alternative agreed arrangement has been made in writing.  This ensures that the full benefits of the term program are accessible to the student.


4c. New students will receive an invoice when their Booking is processed.


4d. If the student commences classes part way through a term, the remainder of that term will be invoiced in full and payment must be received or an alternative arrangement made in writing, within one week of the invoice being issued.


  1. Payment Method

Please note, our Bayswater office is not always staffed, and not all payment options are available during class times, so check in advance to ensure payments can be accepted.


5a.   Full upfront payment for each term can be made by:


     5ai.    BANK TRANSFER.

SMP’s bank details are provided with each Invoice.  Please use your name as a reference.

     5aii.  CREDIT CARD.

Credit card details can be provided over the phone.  Email us and SMP will contact you.  Alternatively, ask SMP for a Credit Card Authorisation Form to provide details by email.

     5aiii. WEBSITE. 

Visit www.supermandepercussion.com.au/products/african-drumming-group-classes-multiple-classes-all-ages, and select relevant options to pay via credit card / Paypal / Google Pay / Shop Pay.

     5aiv. CASH.

Cash payments may be made in person, upfront for the full term, at the first class of term. 


5b.   Weekly payments by cash or other methods listed above are discouraged, unless an agreed arrangement has been made in writing.


  1. Cancellation Policy

6a.  The student may opt out of the class agreement with SMP.


6b.  If the student wishes to cancel the class agreement with SMP, written notice must be received by SMP at least two weeks prior to the intended last class.  Any classes remaining after the end date will be credited to the student's account if payment has already been made.


6c.  Verbal notice given to the teacher will not be acted upon and is not considered sufficient unless confirmed in writing to SMP by the student.


6d.  If the student is unable to give two weeks’ notice, they will be charged a late notice fee equivalent to two weeks of classes (or if only one week’s notice is given, a late notice fee equivalent to the cost of one week’s classes will be charged).


6e.  Exceptions on medical grounds or other special circumstances may be made to this at the discretion of SMP.


6f.  If SMP has to cancel a class agreement it will endeavour to give two weeks’ notice to the student.  Any classes remaining after the classes’ end date will be credited to the student's account if payment has already been made.



    1. Classes Missed by Students

    7a.  Credit will not be provided for an individual student’s absence from a group class.  However, SMP will provide up to two (2) catch-up classes in our Bayswater studio per term, or up to two (2) sample videos per term, to help keep students on track.  Each catch-up class runs for 1 hour.


         7ai.   The student must report their absence by sending an email to info@supermandepercussion.com.au on or before the date of the missed class, to be eligible for a catch-up class or sample video.


         7aii.  Available catch-up class dates and times will be provided via the following link:  www.supermandepercussion.com.au/products/catch-up-classes.  Catch-up classes must be booked in via this booking system link at least 48 hours prior to the selected time. 


         7aiii. If available catch-up class options do not suit the student, or if bookings for the catch-up class exceed our studio capacity, or if two (2) catch-up classes have already been claimed in a term, the student may request a sample video by sending an email to info@supermandepercussion.com.au.


         7aiv.  Catch-up classes or sample videos must be claimed within the term that the classes were missed.


         7av.   Once a catch-up class has been booked, it cannot be re-scheduled by the student. 



    7b.  If a student will be absent for more than three weeks due to medical reasons or other special circumstances, a credit may be given, at the discretion of SMP.  Credit for a missed class is not transferable for money but will be used at the earliest convenience – usually the next term fee.


  1. Classes Missed by Teacher

8a.  Where a SMP teacher is not able to teach, due to illness, or a vehicle / mechanical failure, or unforeseen personal circumstances, SMP will either:

     8ai.  Attempt to arrange a cover teacher and give the students as much notice as possible.

     8aii.  Arrange for the missed class to be caught up at a time that suits the affected students.

8b. If SMP cancels any classes due to events out of its control, customer credit may be given at the discretion of SMP.


  1. Booking System

9a. The class agreement between SMP and the student is a rolling agreement that continues into each new term and new year.


9b. The students are emailed their invoices towards the end of each term in respect of the following term’s classes, until a cancellation notice is received, as discussed in “6. Cancellation Policy”.



  1. Photography & Filming

10a. SMP may use film or still photographs of students for appropriate promotional purposes.


10b.  Students must inform SMP in writing at any time if they will not allow the use of such images.


10c.  Students may request to take film or still photographs of the teacher during class and consideration of each request will be made at the discretion of the teacher.  If approved by the teacher, the film or still photographs are to be used for the students own individual learning use only, and these may not be published or distributed unless otherwise authorised in writing by SMP.



  1. Changes to the Terms and Conditions

11a.  The Terms and Conditions described above are agreed to upon Booking and may be changed at any point by SMP without providing notice to the student.  A copy of the Terms and Conditions will always be available on our website and may be emailed to the student on request.



  1. Contact Details

For all administrative enquiries:                   info@supermandepercussion.com.au

To find our public Facebook Page:                 www.facebook.com/supermandepercussion.com.au

To join our private Facebook Group:                 www.facebook.com/groups/1173772232692358

To call us:             0490 112 997

Address:               Super Mande Percussion, 10/655 Mountain Highway, Bayswater VIC 3153