Power of Africa

African drumming workshop for university U3A group


The Super Mande Masters - Mady and Amadou - are proud to be presenting on West African music, history and culture for University of the Third Age.  This is part of a broader program on the Power of Africa being run throughout 2023.

The Power of Africa program covers the trials, triumphs and influences on the 55 countries of Africa, including the past impacts of slavery, colonialism and religion, through to issues arising from the new colonisers, and the role of African countries in the emerging cold war between China, the US and Russia.

Here is some of the feedback received on our contribution to the program:

"We really appreciated the explanations and history of the instruments. The kora is so beautiful and soulful. And Mady in his traditional dress and his aura of wisdom juxtaposed Amadou's modern respect for the old ways and his heritage.

Giving everyone their own experience of drumming in a call and response rhythm was great fun. My class of 28 seniors walked out with a smile on their faces - happy with a dynamic, informative and interactive experience. Well done and thank you, it was very special."

A big thank you to the U3A for running such an important and enlightening program and for inviting Super Mande Percussion to be involved.

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