Jamming Rhythms for Lockdown

Djembe drumming music jam with Mady, Kofi and Abli


We're missing all our students, friends and supporters since the lockdown started in Melbourne and wanted to share some rhythms with you all to keep your spirits up in the meantime.

So we've decided to create a short series of video clips with some cool rhythms which were all recorded before the lockdown.  See the link below for the first video in the series and keep an eye out on our Facebook page for more  videos.  

Feel free to simply listen and enjoy, or jam along with us from home if you've got a drum handy.  If need be, you can always use a towel or two to soften the sound and keep the neighbours happy!  One towel to cover the playing surface, and another rolled up inside the middle of the shell.

Hope that you enjoy connecting with us through the rhythms and we can't wait to drum with you again in real life soon.

Peace and love from all the Masters here at Super Mande Percussion - Mady, Kofi K and Abli.

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