Get the African Look

African style performance tops


Just in time for Summer, we're excited to be offering a new range of locally handmade African style tops. 

Brightly coloured fabric on the front, and black on the back, they're designed to look great on all shapes and sizes.

Features include:

  • V-neckline for classic African look.
  • Convenient one-size-fits-all design (suits women, men and kids).
  • Handy black ties on both sites.
  • No sleeves so arms can move freely.
  • Double thickness fabric on neckline for extra strength.
  • Overlocking seams for long-lasting finish.

Great for casual wear, performance wear and anything in between.  Simply throw it over a black t-shirt or singlet top and tie together at the sides.

Check out all the designs in store or view and order online here.


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