Drumming it up for Youth Mental Health

West African drummers for mental health at beach


You may not expect to find us drumming by the beach on a cold winter's morning in August, but check out the video below to see what happened when we did... 


Definitely one of the coolest conga lines we've seen!

This was all part of the 9 for 9 Challenge in support of youth mental health. 

Everyday in August these brave swimmers are spending 9 minutes in the cold waters, to raise awareness for the 9 Australians that die by suicide each day.

Nine suicides each day amounts to a total of 3,285 people each year, which is an alarming statistic that highlights the importance of raising awareness and support for mental ill-health.

The money raised from this challenge will be going to an awesome ‘for purpose’ preventative mental health organisation, created and driven by young people, for young people.

If you'd like more information or to contribute with a donation to this worthy cause, see the link below. 




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