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Djembe Drum – Master Series – Djala Wood (MS-DJ-186-07)

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Djala Master Series djembe drum, hand-crafted by Mady Keita and shell carving by Yacouba Kone.

Product Specifications

  • Diameter: 32 cm
  • Height: 59 cm
  • Wood:  Djala
  • Skin:  Calf (Yearling) *
  • Rope:  Green
  • Origin:  Mali, West Africa
  • RRP:  $500

This product comes with a 6 month guarantee and we also offer free drum tuning for the life of your new djembe.

* If you prefer your djembe skin free of goat hair - please advise at the time of ordering and hair will be shaved at no extra cost.

 Listen to this drum in action below or visit our shop to come and try before you buy.