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Gigs & Events Featuring Super Mande Percussion

In the Mande culture, the djembe drum is a significant instrument of celebration.  The djembe drum is heard in most celebrations of one's life (weddings, baptisms, harvests, circumcisions, parties, welcomings, etc.), that is why it carries on its tradition throughout time, with a rhythmical representation of each happening in the cultural life of the present world.  Mady cannot emphasise enough the meaning of the djembe drum as an instrument and as a word, bringing people together to unite in friendship.

In Australia, Mady has continued the Mande traditions with his band Super Mande Percussion entertaining many music enthusiasts in pubs, clubs and open air events. 

Mady is now one of Australia's finest exponents of West African music and culture.

Super Mande Percussion is available to offer performances at festivals, weddings, baptisms, parties and other social functions, celebrations and special social events.  It is the music of the earth.  Come and celebrate with us in the infectious rhythms of Mande or West African music.

Mady Keita playing dounoun

African drumming performance

African Musicians & Ensembles

If you are looking for African musicians, drummers, dancers and ensembles, look no further than Super Mande Percussion.  Our ensemble performs Australia-wide at music festivals, conferences, weddings, complex openings, parties and beyond. 

All of our performances offer you the chance to get involved with an interactive experience.

You can drum and dance with us, just ask us how.

To hear our music or if you would like to hire Super Mande Percussion for a social event, celebration or festival, send a message through the contacts page and we will provide a few sound bites and all the information you need.

Gigs around Melbourne and Beyond

Mady is a regular at venues around Melbourne and is no stranger to the African music scene.  Throughout the year Mady hosts stalls at markets and festivals across Victoria; for sale are his djembes and dounouns.  Drop in for a chat and jam with us.

Mady letting loose